Patient Documentation & Scheduling Mary Martin December 30, 2016

Automated SOAP Notes and Patient Documentation

PayDC SOAP Notes Documentation - Best PayDC Chiropractic Software - Increase revenue, reduce admin time, and improve compliance!

Automated SOAP Notes & Documentation


  • The Automated SOAP Notes feature helps you document patient visits and quickly develop compliant, customized care plans. CMS 1500 claim forms are automatically generated simply by finalizing the daily note and can be forwarded to the clearinghouse with one click! Easily print SOAP notes in a narrative format.
  • The Compliant Care Plan Wizard helps you tailor a plan to each patient’s needs in less than two minutes.
  • When patient checks in, immediately see “who’s on deck” in your waiting room


  • One-click submission to clearinghouse
  • Easily print SOAP Notes in a narrative format
  • On-the-go data entry
  • Patient can enter their own history
  • See “on deck” patients in waiting room
  • Save staff/admin time
  • Syncs with scheduling system

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