Dr. Don Duff

Dr. Guy Karcher

“I’ve been using the PayDC SOAP Notes for over a year, and they are absolutely fantastic.”

Dr. Robert Blozen

“I’ve been in practice for thirty years and have used quite a few different software systems, but PayDC is the one I chose to stay with for many reasons – ease, speed, accuracy, content and the best support!”

Dr. Salvatore Patti

“I’m amazed at how relatively user friendly the program is. I’m not a fan of the technology world. I’m easily intimidated but not with PayDC. The tech support is outstanding…the staff is fabulous…emails are answered immediately. I never leave a call without a solution to the problem.”

Dr. Keith Schnappauf

“PayDC has helped me organize in a simple manner, how to effectively document patient treatment with our office. David Klein is amazing and a genius. The staff at PayDC is not only consistently helpful on a daily basis but also beautiful! All phone calls and correspondence is impeccable. I’ve been using PayDC for over 4 years and I would recommend their product to everyone.”

Dr. David DeOliveira

“I can manage my office, patients, and billing all from one software without having to use multiple platforms. If you’re worried about using a complex system to create your notes or manage your office, PayDC has made these worries a thing of the past.”