PayDC vs ChiroTouch Jeremy Haug January 31, 2022

PayDC vs ChiroTouch

There are a plethora of choices in the chiropractic EHR industry when a practice is looking for new software, and it’s no secret that ChiroTouch is a name the comes up in that discussion.

And we actually appreciate that.

You see, the team at PayDC invites the comparison, and we encourage practices who are either using ChiroTouch EHR software now, or are considering it, to really dig under the hood to gain a true understanding of the differences.

To put it in simple terms:

ChiroTouch is a chiropractic EHR company that sells software – and answers to its parent company, a private equity firm.

PayDC is a chiropractic EHR company that supports chiropractic – and answers to you.

It’s not just semantics, as our entire culture is built on standing with you, not selling to you. It’s why PayDC:

  • Offers you one solution to meet all of your needs
  • Provides you with a single point of contact that doesn’t just take your call, but takes action to ensure YOU are being taken care of at all times
  • Offers its all-inclusive software for one low, monthly fee – no nickel and diming

We invite you to hop on a quick demo – not just of our software – but to learn why so many practices are choosing PayDC over ChiroTouch.

PayDC. It’s How Rebels Do EHR.

When comparing PayDC to a wide range of EHR companies, even a single practice can save money when switching to PayDC! 

PayDC Cost Chart