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ICD10 Changes 2024 PayDC Notice

The official ICD-10 updates for Fiscal Year 2024 go into effect October 1st, 2023. PayDC automatically updates your account with these new codes in the master list in Advanced Settings.  To review how to add or change the included ICD-10 codes that you access when creating Care Plans or daily encounters, check out:


There are 395 new codes, 25 deleted, and 22 revised codes for 2024.   There are also a few updates and clarifications to some guidelines. As in the past, only a few of these changes may be relevant to chiropractors and other physical medicine providers. Consider the following:

  1. The subcategory G43.E- Chronic migraine with aura was added with the following additional codes:
    • G43.E0- Chronic migraine with aura, not intractable
      • Chronic migraine with aura, without refractory migraine
        • G43.E01 Chronic migraine with aura, not intractable, with status migrainosus
        • G43.E09 Chronic migraine with aura, not intractable, without status migrainosus
        • Chronic migraine with aura NOS
    • G43.E1- Chronic migraine with aura, intractable
      • Chronic migraine with aura, with refractory migraine
        • G43.E11 Chronic migraine with aura, intractable, with status migrainosus
        • G43.E19 Chronic migraine with aura, intractable, without status migrainosus


There is also a new Excludes1 note for this new subcategory.  It lets us know that you cannot code M43.E- Chronic migraine with aura along with M43.1- Migraine with aura, which makes sense, because they would be redundant.


  1. 12- Adolescent scoliosis changed to Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. The guidelines for the whole scoliosis category, M41 also changed a bit.  The Excludes 2 (meaning these codes are not included if you use an M41, and can be coded separately if documented) is now as follows:
    • M96.- postprocedural scoliosis, was revised to M98.89.
    • M96.5 postradiation scoliosis was added

There were many other changes to the code set for 2024, but these are the ones most likely to be relevant to chiropractors and physical medicine providers.  To see the complete list of changes, go to https://www.cms.gov/medicare/coding-billing/icd-10-codes/2024-icd-10-cm .  For questions about your account, contact PayDC Support at 888-306-1256.