From the Functional Preferences menu, click the plus symbol to expand the CarePlans menu, the select ICD-10.

All 72,000 (or so) of the current ICD-10 codes are already loaded into PayDC, and they are automatically updated for you every year on October 1st when the code set changes are made official. However, for ease of navigation, you select your favorites in the settings so that you have a much shorter list to scroll through in the Care Plan Wizard or the [Assessment] section of the SOAP Notes.

To add a new ICD-10 Code:

  1. Check the Display full ICD-10 Codes checkbox.
  2. In the Search field, type in the code or keyword you want to find.
  3. Click the [magnifying glass] icon button to display the results.
  4. After you have located a code you want added to your favorites list, check the Include checkbox to the left of the ICD-10 Code.
  5. If you want to also use this code for wellness care, check the Include for Wellness checkbox to the right of the code name.
  6. Click [Save].


For your reference, here is a suggested list of favorites for typical musculoskeletal conditions seen in a chiropractic office. These are our top 160 codes. Compare this list with the one you already have to see if you might be missing some. Note that most unspecified codes that pertain to anatomic location have been omitted. If used, they tell the payer that you did not document where the condition is, so they should be avoided.


G43.009 Migraine w/o aura, not intractable, w/o status migrainosus
G44.209 Tension-type headache, unspecified, not intractable
G56.01 Carpal tunnel syndrome, right upper limb
G56.02 Carpal tunnel syndrome, left upper limb
G56.03 Carpal tunnel syndrome, bilateral upper limbs
G90.09 Other idiopathic peripheral autonomic neuropathy
M21.371 Foot drop, right foot
M21.372 Foot drop, left foot
M43.6 Torticollis
M46.1 Sacroiliitis, not elsewhere classified
M50.01 Cervical disc disorder with myelopathy, high cervical region
M50.021 Cervical disc disorder at C4-C5 level with myelopathy
M50.022 Cervical disc disorder at C5-C6 level with myelopathy
M50.023 Cervical disc disorder at C6-C7 level with myelopathy
M50.03 Cervical disc disorder w myelopathy, cervicothoracic region
M50.11 Cerv disc disorder with radiculopathy, high cervical region
M50.121 Cervical disc disorder at C4-C5 level with radiculopathy
M50.122 Cervical disc disorder at C5-C6 level with radiculopathy
M50.123 Cervical disc disorder at C6-C7 level with radiculopathy
M50.13 Cervical disc disorder w radiculopathy, cervicothor region
M50.21 Other cervical disc displacement, high cervical region
M50.221 Other cervical disc displacement at C4-C5 level
M50.222 Other cervical disc displacement at C5-C6 level
M50.223 Other cervical disc displacement at C6-C7 level
M50.23 Other cervical disc displacement, cervicothoracic region
M50.31 Other cervical disc degeneration, high cervical region
M50.321 Other cervical disc degeneration at C4-C5 level
M50.322 Other cervical disc degeneration at C5-C6 level
M50.323 Other cervical disc degeneration at C6-C7 level
M50.33 Other cervical disc degeneration, cervicothoracic region
M50.81 Other cervical disc disorders, high cervical region
M50.821 Other cervical disc disorders at C4-C5 level
M50.822 Other cervical disc disorders at C5-C6 level
M50.823 Other cervical disc disorders at C6-C7 level
M50.83 Other cervical disc disorders, cervicothoracic region
M50.91 Cervical disc disorder, unspecified, high cervical region
M50.921 Unspecified cervical disc disorder at C4-C5 level
M50.922 Unspecified cervical disc disorder at C5-C6 level
M50.923 Unspecified cervical disc disorder at C6-C7 level
M50.93 Cervical disc disorder, unspecified, cervicothoracic region
M51.24 Other intervertebral disc displacement, thoracic region
M51.25 Other intervertebral disc displacement, thoracolumbar region
M51.26 Other intervertebral disc displacement, lumbar region
M51.27 Other intervertebral disc displacement, lumbosacral region
M51.34 Other intervertebral disc degeneration, thoracic region
M51.35 Other intervertebral disc degeneration, thoracolumbar region
M51.36 Other intervertebral disc degeneration, lumbar region
M51.37 Other intervertebral disc degeneration, lumbosacral region
M51.44 Schmorl’s nodes, thoracic region
M51.45 Schmorl’s nodes, thoracolumbar region
M54.12 Radiculopathy, cervical region
M54.13 Radiculopathy, cervicothoracic region
M54.14 Radiculopathy, thoracic region
M54.15 Radiculopathy, thoracolumbar region
M54.16 Radiculopathy, lumbar region
M54.17 Radiculopathy, lumbosacral region
M54.2 Cervicalgia
M54.41 Lumbago with sciatica, right side
M54.42 Lumbago with sciatica, left side
M54.5 Low back pain
M54.6 Pain in thoracic spine
M60.9 Myositis, unspecified
M62.830 Muscle spasm of back
M62.838 Other muscle spasm
M72.2 Plantar fascial fibromatosis
M75.01 Adhesive capsulitis of right shoulder
M75.02 Adhesive capsulitis of left shoulder
M75.101 Unsp rotatr-cuff tear/ruptr of right shoulder, not trauma
M75.102 Unsp rotatr-cuff tear/ruptr of left shoulder, not trauma
M75.111 Incomplete rotatr-cuff tear/ruptr of r shoulder, not trauma
M75.112 Incomplete rotatr-cuff tear/ruptr of l shoulder, not trauma
M75.121 Complete rotatr-cuff tear/ruptr of r shoulder, not trauma
M75.122 Complete rotatr-cuff tear/ruptr of left shoulder, not trauma
M75.21 Bicipital tendinitis, right shoulder
M75.22 Bicipital tendinitis, left shoulder
M75.31 Calcific tendinitis of right shoulder
M75.32 Calcific tendinitis of left shoulder
M75.41 Impingement syndrome of right shoulder
M75.42 Impingement syndrome of left shoulder
M75.51 Bursitis of right shoulder
M75.52 Bursitis of left shoulder
M75.81 Other shoulder lesions, right shoulder
M75.82 Other shoulder lesions, left shoulder
M75.91 Shoulder lesion, unspecified, right shoulder
M75.92 Shoulder lesion, unspecified, left shoulder
M76.01 Gluteal tendinitis, right hip
M76.31 Iliotibial band syndrome, right leg
M76.32 Iliotibial band syndrome, left leg
M76.51 Patellar tendinitis, right knee
M76.52 Patellar tendinitis, left knee
M76.61 Achilles tendinitis, right leg
M76.62 Achilles tendinitis, left leg
M77.01 Medial epicondylitis, right elbow
M77.02 Medial epicondylitis, left elbow
M77.11 Lateral epicondylitis, right elbow
M77.12 Lateral epicondylitis, left elbow
M77.31 Calcaneal spur, right foot
M77.32 Calcaneal spur, left foot
M77.41 Metatarsalgia, right foot
M77.42 Metatarsalgia, left foot
M79.11 Myalgia of mastication muscle
M79.12 Myalgia of auxiliary muscles, head and neck
M79.18 Myalgia, other site
M79.2 Neuralgia and neuritis, unspecified
M79.601 Pain in right arm
M79.602 Pain in left arm
M79.604 Pain in right leg
M79.605 Pain in left leg
M79.621 Pain in right upper arm
M79.622 Pain in left upper arm
M79.631 Pain in right forearm
M79.632 Pain in left forearm
M79.641 Pain in right hand
M79.642 Pain in left hand
M79.644 Pain in right finger(s)
M79.645 Pain in left finger(s)
M79.651 Pain in right thigh
M79.652 Pain in left thigh
M79.661 Pain in right lower leg
M79.662 Pain in left lower leg
M79.671 Pain in right foot
M79.672 Pain in left foot
M79.674 Pain in right toe(s)
M79.675 Pain in left toe(s)
M79.7 Fibromyalgia
M99.01 Segmental and somatic dysfunction of cervical region
M99.02 Segmental and somatic dysfunction of thoracic region
M99.03 Segmental and somatic dysfunction of lumbar region
M99.04 Segmental and somatic dysfunction of sacral region
M99.05 Segmental and somatic dysfunction of pelvic region
M99.06 Segmental and somatic dysfunction of lower extremity
M99.07 Segmental and somatic dysfunction of upper extremity
M99.08 Segmental and somatic dysfunction of rib cage
M99.09 Segmental and somatic dysfunction of abdomen and oth regions
S13.111A Dislocation of C0/C1 cervical vertebrae, initial encounter
S13.121A Dislocation of C1/C2 cervical vertebrae, initial encounter
S13.131A Dislocation of C2/C3 cervical vertebrae, initial encounter
S13.141A Dislocation of C3/C4 cervical vertebrae, initial encounter
S13.151A Dislocation of C4/C5 cervical vertebrae, initial encounter
S13.161A Dislocation of C5/C6 cervical vertebrae, initial encounter
S13.171A Dislocation of C6/C7 cervical vertebrae, initial encounter
S13.181A Dislocation of C7/T1 cervical vertebrae, initial encounter
S13.4XXA Sprain of ligaments of cervical spine, initial encounter
S13.8XXA Sprain of joints and ligaments of oth prt neck, init encntr
S16.1XXA Strain of muscle, fascia and tendon at neck level, init
S23.3XXA Sprain of ligaments of thoracic spine, initial encounter
S23.8XXA Sprain of other specified parts of thorax, initial encounter
S33.2XXA Dislocation of sacroiliac and sacrococcygeal joint, init
S33.5XXA Sprain of ligaments of lumbar spine, initial encounter
S33.6XXA Sprain of sacroiliac joint, initial encounter
S33.8XXA Sprain of oth parts of lumbar spine and pelvis, init encntr
Z02.1 Encounter for pre-employment examination
Z02.3 Encounter for examination for recruitment to armed forces
Z02.89 Encounter for other administrative examinations
Z33.1 Pregnant state, incidental
Z41.8 Encntr for oth proc for purpose oth than remedy health state
Z51.5 Encounter for palliative care
Z71.3 Dietary counseling and surveillance
Z71.82 Exercise counseling
Z71.89 Other specified counseling
Z72.4 Inappropriate diet and eating habits


The codes you choose to include will appear in the list on the left in the Care Plan Wizard as seen below.

You can then select the codes you want to include in the care plan you are working on. To find out more about the Care Plan Wizard, click

ICD-10 codes will also appear when you select the green [Add Diagnoses] button next to the [Assessment] button in the SOAP Notes.

To find out more about the Assessment section of the SOAP notes, click

Watch this tutorial to learn how to set up your ICD-10 codes list.