The best Chiropractic Software, PayDC includes SOAP Notes Documentation, Billing, Scheduling, and more
  • “I’ve been using PayDC for over 4 years and I would recommend their product to everyone.  PayDC has helped me organize in a simple manner, how to effectively document patient treatment with our office.  All phone calls and correspondence is impeccable.”
  • “I can manage my office, patients, and billing all from one software without having to use multiple platforms. If you’re worried about using a complex system to create your notes or manage your office, PayDC has made these worries a thing of the past.”
  • “I’ve been in practice for thirty years and have used quite a few different software systems, but PayDC is the one I chose to stay with for many reasons – ease, speed, accuracy, content and the best support!”

PayDC Chiropractic Software was founded by Chiropractors, Billing & Coding Professionals and Expert Insurance Auditors to provide a chiropractic EHR solution for easily managing every aspect of a successful chiropractic practice.

Patented Chiropractic Software.

The best chiropractic software is designed to increase your practice profitability while improving compliance.  PayDC does just that…

Streamline your practice while gaining peace of mind knowing you are well-prepared for potential audits and patient record requests from payers.

Practices using PayDC Chiropractic Software love its seamless integration.  Data entered in one module automatically populates throughout  all other modules, reducing admin time and frustraton – not to mention reducing risk of data entry errors.  Plus, this integration and automated features tying into the patient billing and EHR modules help further improve compliance and profitability.

For example, PayDC’s SOAP notes, compliant chiropractic documentation, and exam features automatically link to your compliant care plans generated for patients, so as soon as you complete your first note, it’s already being reflected in your detailed plan for overall patient care.

Within minutes, you and your staff can develop highly detailed compliant care plans, SOAP notes narratives and reports, or generate complete patient records as needed.

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Best Chiropractic Software to Increase Revenue

Easy to use, simple setup, world-class customer service, and worry-free cloud-based software.

We’ll help you every step of the way.

Our service-oriented, expert team quickly gets you up and running with the training you and your office staff need.  After that, day-to-day use is a breeze! Being web-based, PayDC’s solutions are continuously and automatically updated and improved. You’ll never pay an upgrade charge, perform a new software installation, purchase an expensive server or sign a costly maintenance contract. In addition, your insurance claims processing is already included in your affordable monthly subscription price!  This means you are always up to date with the latest industry requirements and you are operating your practice with maximum efficiency.

Plus your data is fully secure, with PayDC’s extensive backup protection. PayDC is built with leading edge technology on a secure cloud platform, ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing any likelihood of any data loss or breach.

PayDC’s affordable monthly subscription easily pays for itself.  How?  Our EHR Chiropractic Software helps you save time and money, improve compliance, automatically handle claims processing and increase collections. PayDC is also the only chiropractic practice management software provider constantly incorporating the latest industry requirements into the system for your protection.

Invest in the complete solution for increasing profitability while managing the entire course of patient care! You take care of your patients, PayDC chiropractic software will take care of the rest.

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