Cash/Insurance Payment Planner Mary Martin December 30, 2016

Integrated Cash/Insurance Payment Planner

PayDC Cash and Insurance Payment Planner - Best PayDC Chiropractic Software - Increase revenue, reduce admin time, and improve compliance!

Advanced Payment Planner designed for both insurance and cash practices.  Now easily create and administer payment plans.



  • Allows you to estimate insurance payments and patient out-of-pocket payments.
  • Helps you to easily create payment plans customized to individual patient needs.
  • Allows merchant services such as auto drafts and credit card swipes.
  • Contains a Care Summary Generator to help patients understand how much care they need, what it will cost and provides an easy-to-read breakdown as to what insurance will pay, what the patient portion is, and the payment plan you have developed.


  • Improved Compliance
  • Better Communication to Patients – Improved Patient Compliance
  • Less Admin Time “Chasing Money”
  • Improved Customer Service to Patients

Patient Payment Planner Screenshots

Sophistication made simple, the PayDC Payment Planner module allows for easy payment scheduling with patients – improving ability to get paid on time and predicting revenue.

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PayDC Chiropractic Software is designed to increase profitability while improving overall practice compliance.