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The PayDC platform

PayDC offers an innovative, intuitive, web-based platform that uses cloud technology, which means it operates on a real-time network so you don’t have to install the chiropractic software on an expensive server or run it on a remote, dedicated desktop computer.  You can access the system directly from wherever you are.  Plus, we effortlessly and automatically evolve with you as new technology and opportunities are introduced in the future.

Centralized data across
multiple workstations and offices

Since PayDC is cloud-based, there are no limits to the number of workstations your practice can use at one time, and there’s no charge for additional ancillary user seats.  A centralized database enables multiple users at one time. When patient or other information is entered into one area of the system, all other modules of the system are automatically populated. That means less data entry time for your staff, less human error, and fewer errors in your documentation.


Intuitive Windows application

PayDC chiropractic software is easy-to-use, and runs on the most secure Windows environment, so you and your staff are likely already familiar with the look and feel. This means less time training staff, and less administrative time recalling records, adding new patients and updating records. It won’t be long before you and your staff members know your way around!


Self-managing software –
Automatic updates with no hassle

PayDC chiropractic software is continuously updated and improved for you.  New versions require no additional installation, cost or time investment for you or your staff members. New compliance regulations, functionality, updated screens, and more are all automatically provided in regular updates, so you can spend more time with your patients and less time worrying about what you need to be doing to keep your system current. Frequent automatic backups keep your data safe.


Document generation and customization

Template-based documentation makes it easy to produce and print patient care plans, payment plan summaries, and more for you and your patients. Plus, the flexibility of our system enables content to be quickly customized to the unique and constantly changing needs of your patients.


HIPAA compliance

PayDC helps you run a compliant practice, and this includes thorough HIPAA compliance.  We continue  with ongoing efforts to make sure your practice is inherently secure, private and safe, giving you and your patients peace of mind.

Best Chiropractic Software, Cloud based, secure, compliant
Have questions about the technology of our patented chiropractic software?  Check out our FAQ page or contact us with your questions.

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