Integrated Billing Mary Martin December 30, 2016

Intelligent Chiropractic Billing

PayDC Integrated Billing - Best PayDC Chiropractic Software - Increase revenue, reduce admin time, and improve compliance!

PayDC’s intelligent chiropractic billing software gets you paid faster and gives you new insight into your practice.



  • Intelligently generates claim information based on your completed daily notes.
  • Intelligently scrubs each claim to verify accurate and complete information, reducing rejections and ensuring your claims are clean for each submission.
  • Enables you to easily verify and submit claims, avoiding double entry.
  • Coding edits are automatically checked based on CPT coding guidelines.
  • Maintains patient and insurance balances.
  • Receive electronic remittance advice (ERA) reports from payers and use them to automatically post insurance payments and reconcile balances.
  • Intelligently analyzes and generates financial and practice productivity reports to help you easily manage your practice, increase collections and reduce administrative time.


  • Increase Collections
  • Reduce Admin Efforts
  • Quickly See Patient Balances
  • Improved Compliance
  • Reduce Rejections

PayDC Billing

See how you can save time and money with PayDC’s fully integrated documentation & billing software.  No more double-entry.  It’s fast and easy for you and your staff.