Careers Jeremy Haug January 27, 2022

Talent Hits a Target No One Else Can Hit.

Talent - Backed By a Team - Hits a Target No One Else Can See.

PayDC is unlike any other chiropractic EHR company in chiropractic. And that’s because we’re not one. We’re a chiropractic IHR company, and we don’t limit our intelligence-based approach to our software.

Here we treat customer service as an obsession, not a department. We treat our clients as partners, not paychecks. And we treat our employees with respect, admiration, and support. We’re not just a team, we’re the team.

And when it comes to our mission, we are clear:

We celebrate the rebels.
The ones who dare to choose a different path.
The ones that take a stand against those who seek profit from treating symptoms instead of causes.
Who see patients as people.
We believe in empowering these rebels, because we know one simple truth.
A chiropractor can heal the world, one adjustment at a time.

Each of us at PayDC, in our own way, has taken hold of the opportunity to create something larger than ourselves. To be part of a movement that, collectively, impacts our clients not only in ways they expect – but in ways they could never have imagined.

We have a belief in what we’re doing, and a cause for which we are called. We are driven by purpose and inspired to action. And if you find this message resonates, then let’s talk.

Rebels Welcome.


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