About Mary Martin December 30, 2016

PayDC Chiropractic IHR Software™

PayDC’s Intelligence-driven software makes EHR software so last century:


PayDC’s patented, web-based chiropractic software will allow you to increase practice profitability and improve compliance.


The hallmark of PayDC’s Chiropractic Software is its seamless integration.  Data entered in one module automatically populates the other modules, so administrative time is dramatically reduced. The integrated and automated features of our chiropractic billing and EHR software program help further improve compliance and profitability. For example, PayDC’s SOAP notes and exam features automatically link to the compliant care plan generated for your patient, so as soon as you complete your first note, it’s already being reflected in your detailed plan for overall patient care. Within minutes, you and your staff can develop highly detailed compliant care plans, SOAP notes narratives and reports, or generate complete patient records as needed.

And talk about ease of use!  Our service-oriented, expert team quickly gets you up and running with the training you and your office staff need. After that, day-to-day use is a breeze!  Being web-based, PayDC’s solutions are continuously and automatically updated and improved. You’ll never pay an upgrade charge, perform a new software installation, purchase an expensive server or sign a costly maintenance contract. In addition, your insurance claims processing is already included in your affordable monthly subscription price! This means you are always up to date with the latest industry requirements and you are operating your practice with maximum efficiency. Plus your data is secure, with PayDC’s extensive backup protection. PayDC is built on the leading edge and secure cloud platform, ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing any likelihood of any data loss or breach.

PayDC’s affordable monthly subscription easily pays for itself by the manner in which our chiropractic EHR software will help you save time and money, improve compliance, automatically handle claims processing and increase collections. PayDC is also the only chiropractic practice management software provider constantly incorporating the latest industry requirements into the system for your protection. There is simply no other automated chiropractic software on the market today that includes all the features PayDC offers. Invest in the complete solution for increasing profitability while managing the entire course of patient care! You can take care of your patients. PayDC chiropractic billing software will take care of the rest.

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