Testimonials Mary Martin December 30, 2016

Chiropractic Software Reviews

Dr Fischer

“PayDC has been great to us especially Andrea and Mary”

PayDC was extremely helpful in transitioning my office to a paperless billing and software system. I was very pleased with the training and encouragement from the entire team including Dave Klein during the process.   Our providers love the ease of use for notes and reports as administrative team also is thrilled with ease of use.   PayDC has been great to us especially Andrea and Mary will any and all questions and support.  We strongly recommend PayDC for office use and appreciate the commitment they have made to support NJ chiropractors and the ANJC.

Dr. Keith Schnappauf – Covered Bridge Chiropractic Center

“I have been a client for PayDC for 7” years

Dr. Callista C. Lay, D.C. – Genesis Chiropractic Wellness Center

“Advanced Provider Solutions has been wonderful to work with”

Advanced Provider Solutions has been wonderful to work with. Everyone on staff is friendly and timely in their turn around. If I have questions ranging from why I was charged something to inquiring if I’m correctly assigning codes the team answers me quickly and clearly. I really do feel I’m working with people who care about my best interest, and the best interest of my business. It has made my life so easy to have someone in my corner who is making sure claims are filed, and responded to accurately. As a busy doctor is almost impossible to allocate time to calling insurance companies or knowing the ins and outs of workman comp cases, but Advanced Provider Solutions goes above and beyond. They are supportive and knowledgeable and I feel worth every penny. If you are looking for a personal touch to your practice I strongly suggest going with Advanced Provider Solutions.

Carley Harper – Arrowhead Management

“My patients went crazy with how much they loved the text reminders”

Arrowhead Clinic tried out the text reminders for a couple of days, and my patients went crazy with how much they loved the reminders and how helpful it was. Many said if it wasn’t for the text reminder they would have missed their appointments! We are looking forward to adding this feature for all 13 locations!!!!!!!!!!!


Don – Collegedale Chiropractic

“Great product. Great company.”

I have been a client of PayDC since November 2011. I was very nervous to move into the EHR realm, but this software and this company made it easy. I was well-trained by the staff, and when I did the switch, it was seamless. I got great support and have not looked back.

The company is very responsive to suggestions, as I have seen several things added after taking the time to give feedback. It literally takes me less than a minute to update a patient’s record on a regular visit, yet I am in compliance, have a professional record of the visit, and have the appropriate codes ready to be filed. Everything is able to be personalized, and once the templates are completed, the notes reflect your thoughts and are done in your style.

With this software being cloud-based, there is no expensive, upfront cost or monthly storage fees. It is affordable and simple, and it covers all the necessary bases for a great note. I highly recommend you give it a chance before spending major dollars on some of the other products in the market. PayDC does the job and more. Try it before you spend money elsewhere. You need to give it a serious look.

Kevin – Lincroft Chiropractic & Wellness Center

“Chiropractor using PayDC for almost 2 years and going strong”

As a very busy chiropractor, this system really simplifies and streamlines my practice. Daily notes and exams are entered easily without spending hours to do so. Having the billing together with the notes really brings it all together, which is how it should be. Everything is easy to learn because it all makes sense and all works together, right at your fingertips. Because it’s cloud-based it’s easy to access from many computers without having to download tons of software and it gives me peace of mind that even if one of my computers goes down I won’t lose all my patient data.
Compare this to other systems and you’ll see the difference.

Robert – Blozen Chiropractic, P.C.

“It is the best Software product on the market for what I need!”

I have used quite a few different practice software but, this is the one I choose to stay with for many reasons. Ease, speed, accuracy, content and the best support. The system is easy to personalize for your practice needs and future changes that may come about. The transition to the ICD-10 was a breeze. I know Docs that are still striving to get this done. My office was ready from DAY ONE! This in itself was worth every penny!


Dr. Brett – Main Street Chiropractic

“Product provides excellent documentation. Fairly easy to navigate.”

The product provides excellent documentation. Fairly easy to navigate – but I’m sure would be easier for those more tech savvy. Overall very happy with the program and the PayDC company. Customer service is second to none. This may not be the most advertised program in Chiropractic, but is one of the best. Do a trial/demo and see for yourself!


Jennifer – Taschler Spine & Rehab

“Your EMR & Billing Solution!”

Notes made easy! If you are looking for an excellent way to do your notes and billing you have found it. I have used PayDC for a few years and have found it to be user-friendly and take away the stress of note-taking. The staff is very helpful and good at addressing any issues you may have. The owner of the company is very involved and wants you to have only the best experience possible. I highly recommend PayDC! Experience the free demo and you will see for yourself.

Sunny – Refit Physical Restoration

“Great software……Time-saving……Easy to lear….Get paid Faster..”

Easy Documentation
Easy to learn
Better integration with scheduling and claim generation report
Integrated billing and clean claim
Most efficient system
Get paid on appeal and saved from audits.
Quick and easy notes.
Customizable, Time-saving and Compliance.
I am the Physical Therapist and have been running multidiscipline practice from approx 2 years. I switched from Web Pt to Pay Dc. To be honest It was the best decision I have ever made. The software is easy to learn. The document is very effective and saves lots of time in claim generation and submitting to the insurance company.
The software is very customizable and every provider can make their own flow of documentation which is very easy to create a care plan and SOAP notes. The best thing I like is it is very compliance and you can run various practice analysis report in seconds which as a private practice owner we want to do all the time to see how effective the practice is.
They don’t charge you unnecessarily for extra admin provider and always work with you to help your practice more efficient. I understand technical support was not great but lately it is very effective. The co-founder is one of the best people I ever met who knows what he is doing and talking about. He is always available to help you with any issues you have with software and he also involves personally for any audits you have to help you out.
He is not only co-founder of it but also compliance office and knows more than any software company about billing and coding. He always speaks in conferences and APTA NJ group how to become more compliance.
The software also has reminder appointment to go as well they are working on developing to send text messages too,. .. In short, If you want to be more efficient in private practice not matter you are DC, PT or Acu I would strongly suggest this software. I would give 10/10.

Randy – Chiroplus of Locust Lane

“Outstanding and both with customer service and the finished product”

Ease of use, customer support and the finished product.
When choosing electronic health record software this is the right choice to make, look no further!

Roger – Advanced Chiropractic & Spine Center

“Great product. Great company.”

I simply love using the PayDC Chiropractic Software program. It has made me more efficient and has streamlined every aspect of my practice. Without really trying, my office is almost paperless, which is something that I never thought possible. I would recommend this software program to any chiropractor that is thinking about making a switch. Definitely, schedule a demo to see for yourself.

Nicole – East Coast Chiropractic

“Wonderful Chiropractic software”

That it is so easy to use and has so many features that are great and make payDC unique and fantastic!
Stick with payDC. It offers a lot of features we could not find elsewhere. Yes, the crashing part may seem a little iffy, but all the other great things about payDC offset that one bad quality.


James – Village Family Clinic

“Great Job PAY DC!!!”

The product provides excellent documentation. Fairly easy to navigate – but I’m sure would be easier for those more tech savvy. Overall very happy with the program and the PayDC company. Customer service is second to none.
This may not be the most advertised program in Chiropractic, but is one of the best. Do a trial/demo and see for yourself!


Dr. Lonna Denny

“I LOVE my PayDC Software…”


Dr. Gabe Wiener

“I love PayDC because of their system that is web-based, it is simple and easy to use”

Dr. Megan Goss

“Accessibility, affordability, and communication…”

Dr. Don Duff

“Customer Service is wonderful”

Dr. Guy Karcher

“I’ve been using the PayDC SOAP Notes for over a year, and they are absolutely fantastic.”

Dr. Robert Blozen

“Ease, speed, accuracy, content and the best support!”

“I’ve been in practice for thirty years and have used quite a few different software systems, but PayDC is the one I chose to stay with for many reasons – ease, speed, accuracy, content and the best support!”

Dr. Salvatore Patti

“I’m easily intimidated but not with PayDC”

“I’m amazed at how relatively user-friendly the program is. I’m not a fan of the technology world. I’m easily intimidated but not with PayDC. The tech support is outstanding…the staff is fabulous…emails are answered immediately. I never leave a call without a solution to the problem.”

Dr. Keith Schnappauf

“I would recommend their product to everyone.”

“PayDC has helped me organize in a simple manner, how to effectively document patient treatment with our office. David Klein is amazing and a genius. The staff at PayDC is not only consistently helpful on a daily basis but also beautiful! All phone calls and correspondence is impeccable. I’ve been using PayDC for over 4 years and I would recommend their product to everyone.”

Dr. David DeOliveira

“PayDC has made my worries a thing of the past.”

“I can manage my office, patients, and billing all from one software without having to use multiple platforms. If you’re worried about using a complex system to create your notes or manage your office, PayDC has made these worries a thing of the past.”