PayDC-One Jeremy Haug March 10, 2023

Join the Rebellion and Free Your Practice with the Power of ONE

PayDC is the ONLY EHR SOFTWARE PLATFORM built from the ground up to maximize reimbursements, collections and claims acceptance. And it doesn’t stop there. We’re the ONLY EHR SOFTWARE COMPANY in chiropractic that provides your practice with a dedicated concierge and an all-inclusive, robust EHR solution – all for the low monthly fee of just $349.

ONE Solution

Unlike other EHR software that treats notes and billing separately, we take a different approach! 
Our SOAP NOTES drive the billing process – ensuring your notes and codes are always in sync. 
Our software is fulling integrated with the clearing house, which creates a powerful, easy system for processing each and every claim. 
Our Care Plan Wizard is directly integrated with the SOAP Notes, which utilize our track-changes feature that automatically highlights and measures the progression of care instantly.

When you invest in PayDC, you’re investing in a total solution – complete with our powerful cloud-based EHR Chiropractic Software and backed by our resident experts who serve as the nation’s leading authorities in coding and compliance.

ONE Contact

Remember when customer service was viewed as the ultimate duty and not the underfunded department?  SO DO WE.

Our Powerful solutions are backed by an equally powerful commitment to supporting your practice.  This is why we launched the PayDC | ONE Concierge Service, where you can enjoy having one point of contact who takes personal responsibility in ensuring you’re getting the support you require, when you require it.  So while they give you a number of your place on hold, we give you a cell number and invite you to call/text as you require.

Ask yourself a question: Do you have the personal cell number of a dedicated support person with your current EHR software provider? If so, you must be our client!


While other software providers nickel and dime doctors to death for every feature and service they offer, we take a more respectful approach and provide all of our features and services for one low monthly fee.

And that’s not all – we also guarantee that all future innovations we add to the software are included so you can focus on your patients, not on  how much your EHR chiropractic software provider is profiting.