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PayDC’s Daily SOAP Note Demonstration

Why are so many docs switching to PayDC?  There are many reasons – including

  • Level of compliance
  • Ease of use
  • 99% claims acceptance rate,
  • and many more…

But one of the top reasons PayDC is the chiropractic software of choice is how fast PayDC allows you to do your SOAP Notes and submit a claim based on the patient visit.

PayDC’s advanced SOAP Notes module allows notes to be logged in 30 seconds or less. Watch video below to see one in action.

Of course, this video is more than 30 seconds long since we’re talking you through it…

Now imagine having this level of detail, ease of use, and automation with the care you provide.

PayDC Initial Exam Demo

Watch this short demonstration of how to document the initial exam encounter for a new patient. In PayDC it is easy to create a compliant and complete narrative in just a few minutes. You’ll see how the right EHR can simplify your administrative tasks.

PayDC 40 second daily note

Can a thorough note, that shows medical necessity, and supports the billing, really be completed and signed in under 40 seconds?  Sure, just watch this short video to see how simple it is.

E & M Services-How To Get Paid For Office Visits Successfully

41 minutes of highly detailed information on how to get successfully paid for visits using proper E & M services.

ICD-10 Update for 2018

32 minutes of highly detailed guidance on ICD-10 Update for 2018

The Formula for a Perfect Treatment Plan

35 minutes of highly detailed guidance on how to create the perfect Treatment Plan (a.k.a. “Care Plan”) to maximize revenues and compliance.

Getting Paid the Right Way – Prompt Pay Discounts and Discount Medical Plans

27 minutes of highly detailed guidance on Prompt Pay Discounts and Medical Plans to maximize revenues and compliance.

Coding and Documentation for Therapeutic Procedures

33 minutes of highly detailed guidance on how to properly code for Therapeutic Procedures to maximize revenues and compliance.

Proper Use of Modifiers for Maximum Reimbursement and Reducing Audits

Watch this detailed 15 minute guidance by David Klein to learn the best ways to maximize the use of Modifiers to maximize revenues and avoid audit and/or recoupment.

Critical Steps to Avoid Audits and Recoupment

Watch this detailed 36 minute guidance by David Klein to learn the best ways to avoid audit and/or recoupment.

Does Your Documentation Tell The Right Story?

One-hour NCCA presentation to help you develop best practices for coding, documentation and patient care.

Creating Care Plan Templates in PayDC

Learn how to create outstanding Care Plan Templates with PayDC’s easy-to-use software.

Coding 101

One-hour seminar to help you code for accuracy and maximum success in your practice.

How to Code Proper Levels of Evaluation & Management Services

Valuable 40-minute presentation on how to choose the right levels of Evaluation & Management services.

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