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PayDC’s Initial Exam Demo

Watch this short demonstration of how to document the initial exam encounter for a new patient. In PayDC it is easy to create a compliant and complete narrative in just a few minutes. You’ll see how the right EHR can simplify your administrative tasks.

PayDC’s Daily SOAP Note Demonstration

Watch this video to see how easy it can be to create compliant daily SOAP notes without getting bogged down. PayDC is the chiropractic software of choice because of how fast you can do notes and submit a claim while the software does the heavy lifting.

PayDC’s 40 second daily note

Can a thorough note, that shows medical necessity, and supports the billing, really be completed and signed in under 40 seconds?  Sure, just watch this short video to see how simple it is.

PayDC’s Patient Portal Demo

In this short video you can see how patients are able to input their own initial history and the subjective findings at subsequent visits.

PayDC’s Billing mini Demo

See how PayDC smoothly creates claims based on the records created by the providers, cutting out the middle man and ensuring that records and billing are always in sync.

PayDC’s Scheduler Demo

Find out how PayDC’s integrated scheduling works to ensure your front desk has all the information they need at their fingertips to keep your office flowing smoothly.

PayDC’s Online Scheduler Demo

Check out PayDC’s online scheduling feature. Patients can request appointments through your website or an email with this great option.

PayDC’s integrated credit card processing

See how seamless it is to work with one of PayDC’s partner credit card merchants to automate receipts and set up recurring payments in a PCI compliant fashion.

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