Are Chiropractors Heading for Extinction? Mary Martin April 18, 2012
Are Chiropractors Heading for Extinction?
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What a question! Chiropractic is more vital to the overall health picture in America than it has ever been. Helping the human body overcome pain and disease through proper alignment, posture, nutrition, muscular regeneration, increased mobility and flexibility, basically the core values of Chiropractic, has taken its place at the front of the line for effective, non-invasive, drug free health care.

Yet there is a cloud on that horizon and it is called billing and compliance, and it threatens to make the profession of Chiropractic anything but appealing. We are on the verge of longer codes, more of them, and bigger headaches for the average Chiropractic office, but thankfully, you are not average.

You know that software designed by Chiropractors, Compliance Experts and Insurance Auditors, with integrated patient intake, care planning and follow up, is exactly the headache remedy you need. That kind of software would make it possible to be a better, more attentive Chiropractor, and that kind of software comes from only one place. PayDC – reminding you why you love Chiropractic.