Bring it Into Focus Mary Martin March 7, 2012
Bring it Into Focus
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When a potential patient walks into your office the first thing you give them is time-time listening and notating the details of their history, their concerns, their lifestyle. You are preparing for them a “subjective, objective, assessment and plan” – SOAP notes. SOAP notes are crucial to the proper care plan for your chiropractic patients but they can be time consuming and costly. Integration of your SOAP notes with your charted treatment plan will streamline your work and keep vital information from slipping through the cracks, so that you will spend less time trying to keep track of what you’re doing and more time actually doing it. PayDC works with your practice, providing personal on-line assistance that will get your patient care plans working for you instead of the other way around, helping your business function profitably and alleviating your stress. Your partnership with PayDC will help you do what you were meant to do and love every minute of it.