Cupcakes for Sale Mary Martin March 28, 2012
Cupcakes for Sale
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In any business, regardless of the product or service, there is one truth that is unavoidable. If the same person who sells the cupcakes, also designs the cupcakes, buys the ingredients for the cupcakes, bakes the cupcakes, frosts the cupcakes, delivers the cupcakes, and bills for the cupcakes, and keeps track of everything in a three-ring binder full of college-ruled paper, the cupcake business is doomed to remain small if its doors stay open at all.

In the field of medicine, specifically Chiropractic Medicine, doing the initial intake of a patient, planning treatment, actually treating him, following up on the results, rescheduling treatment, billing the patient and his insurance company, and trying to stay within the ever-changing lines of compliance without the expertise of software designed for just such an enterprise is the fastest way we know of to bring your practice to a screeching halt.

PayDC software is made to put you in the treatment room with your patient, knowing that the cupcake supplies will be purchased without your involvement, and when they are baked and billed they will fall right in line with all of the health code standards of the day. PayDC is simply smart business for the smart Chiropractor. You fall into that category.