Do You Need To Change Your Software? What Now? Mary Martin November 6, 2017
Do You Need To Change Your Software? What Now?
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New EHR Software migration? No fun, we know…
So here are some of the best steps you can take to make it easy, and hopefully avoid having to deal with it again.

Make sure your new software provider has been around for a while

In this new era of constantly changing technology – it takes many years and many customers to pass the test of time. Make sure your new software selection has been in business providing the services you need for at least 8 years. If they’re still around, they must be doing something right.

Does your new selection help protect you and you get paid?

There are a ton of systems out there that will do the functions you want, but do they help you create a more profitable practice? There’s a lot to consider here… It’s not just about keeping patient records and billing them. Your new software selection should:

  1. Be fully integrated to reduce admin time and risk of errors repeating data entry
  2. Offer the highest security available to protect patient information and satisfy all HIPAA requirements
  3. Be fully cloud-based with automatic software and security updates
  4. Be designed for compliance to help protect in the case of audit / risk of recoupment
  5. Allow patients to enter their intake information securely without need for actual paperwork and

staff doing data-entry.

  1. Offer integrated financial services such as credit card processing that ties to patient’s ledger and Treatment Plans
  2. Have a clear and well-planned migration process so you can keep all existing patient information so less down-time, and easier to pick up right where you left off.
  3. Have efficient yet effective documentation. You should be able to quickly do your notes, however they need to tell a compelling story.

Do some demos

While doing your due diligence – make sure to do some demos. See how the software works, how integrations work, see how it can help improve your practice. The right software provider should offer multiple live-meetings to show how the software would work according to how you run your practice. Ask a lot of questions, always measure twice & cut once.

Blatent Promotion

Whatever you do, follow the requirements listed above. To make it easy for you, PayDC Chiropractic EHR is the most advanced cloud-based platform on the market that satisfies all the requirements you should be looking for in new software. PayDC has been providing compliance-based solutions to our industry for over 10 years. Our success allows for top-class Customer Service, and a team that can respond quickly to customer needs while continuing to add more innovative features.