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PayDC’s Daily SOAP Note Demonstration

PayDC Best Chiropractor Software, Best Chiropractic EHR

Why are so many docs switching to PayDC?  There are many reasons – including

  • Level of compliance
  • Ease of use
  • 99% claims acceptance rate,
  • and many more…

But one of the top reasons PayDC is the chiropractic software of choice is how fast PayDC allows you to do your SOAP Notes and submit a claim based on the patient visit.

PayDC’s advanced SOAP Notes module allows notes to be logged in 30 seconds or less. Watch video below to see one in action.



Of course, this video is more than 30 seconds long since we’re talking you through it…

Now imagine having this level of detail, ease of use, and automation with the care you provide.


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