The PayDC Team Mary Martin March 13, 2012
The PayDC Team
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chiropractic compliance softwareThe best way to make anything happen is to put people in the right place, doing the job they were meant to do. At PayDC we set it as our goal to make it as easy for you to deal with billing, insurance auditing, and patient treatment compliance as we could, so we did the only logical thing. We gathered a group of Chiropractors, Insurance Auditors and Compliance and Billing Professionals resulting in the PayDC team. The combined expertise of each of these industry leaders has succeeded in creating the best Compliance and Billing Software for Chiropractors available today. We follow the Chiropractic industry on an hourly basis, keeping track of the changing requirements, adjusting our services to best aid you conducting your business in the professional, stream-lined manner that will help your practice grow and become more profitable. You are committed to seeing that your patients get the very best care you can give them, and we’re committed to seeing that you’re able to do just that.