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Chiropractic Billing

Tahiti Can Wait

Seriously, the push to go “paperless” is a good one, but when you’re trying to run your practice and generally the world, going from the wall of manila folders to which you and your staff are accustomed, to a clean, electronic, non-paper system can seem daunting, but not impossible. PayDC

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Chiropractic Compliance

No Stone Left Unturned

  A fully functional, all inclusive plan to make your Chiropractic practice run the way it should has to cover every aspect of your patient care and business needs. We have SOAP notes, Care Plan Wizard, Care Summaries, Patient Portal, Payment Planner, Insurance Estimator, and the list continues. Billing and

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Chiropractic Compliance


The other morning I got a new patient phone call. He wanted to make an appointment for the following Monday. I took his name and other vital information. I told him that I would be emailing him a secure link to our online patient portal where he could fill out

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