Testimonial Mary Martin March 16, 2012
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The other morning I got a new patient phone call. He wanted to make an appointment for the following Monday. I took his name and other vital information. I told him that I would be emailing him a secure link to our online patient portal where he could fill out all of his health history information which he did by the end of the day. I was able to review it before he even came in for his Monday appointment. It couldn’t have been simpler, and the best part? The patient input his own demographic information. This not only saved him time by not having to do it in my office, it saved me time as well. The interface streamlined and clean leaving me free to devote my attention to the exam and objective findings. After sequentially going over my findings with him, I treated him. With ease, I was able to document his visit, following the treatment plan that I created in the Care Plan Wizard function. This patient received my undivided, unhurried attention because the paperwork and compliance efforts were taken care of. The PayDC system has changed my practice, made it better, made me better able to do what I am meant to do.