Tahiti Can Wait Mary Martin April 3, 2012
Tahiti Can Wait
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Seriously, the push to go “paperless” is a good one, but when you’re trying to run your practice and generally the world, going from the wall of manila folders to which you and your staff are accustomed, to a clean, electronic, non-paper system can seem daunting, but not impossible. PayDC has a solution that will not only make you a relatively paperless office, but will increase your efficiency, cut down on your note and compliance time, and give you the freedom to be a Chiropractor.

Dr. Roger Saias, a Chiropractor and PayDC Software expert says that working with the Soap Notes, the Patient Portal and the Treatment Wizard have literally changed his practice, made it better, allowed him to do what he was meant to do all along, with the assurance that PayDC will help him maintain compliance and treat his patients without anything falling through the cracks. There is a way to relieve some of your stress without running away to Tahiti. Put away the travel brochures and make a good business decision that will make your practice a place you want to be.